Wordpress survey plugins

It will surely come a time where you will be looking to ask your readers some question. This can indeed be a great way for you to investigate your target market’s anticipation and what they are looking for. But how do you do that on your blog?

Here comes the SurveyGizmo’s survey plugin for Wordpress which will allow you to do just that. In fact this is a sophisticated tool that will offer you all the features that you ever need in order to conduct research on your blog.

Although it is a paid product there is a free account that is available for all of you who only need a scale down version of the product.

Installing :

  • Download the survey plugin and save it to your computer
  • Add the plugins from within your admin panel just as you would do with any other plugin
  • Activate the plugin
  • You will need to get an API key by going to the site: http://www.surveygizmo.com/?ap=wp
  • Once registered go into your account settings and go to the API tab as shown below

Wordpress survey plugins

  • Copy the API to the field on your website

And that’s it.

The plugin will allow you the freedom to choose whether you want your users to click on a link in order to access the survey page or you can just embed the survey through the use of JavaScript. The Free version will only allow you 250 responses but you can upgrade or downgrade whenever you feel like. In truth the bill is on a per month basis and you will be paying only for the time you are using the plugin.

The SurveyGizmo’s survey plugin for Wordpress is in my opinion one of the best plugin that you will get for the wordpress platform.

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