Wordpress shopping cart

wordpress shopping cart

It will happen someday when your internet business develops that you will be looking to implement a shopping cart on your Wordpress blog. How do you do that?

According to most Wordpress users, the best free plugin for shopping cart is the one from Instinct. This plugin contains a wide variety of features:

Product catalog

  • Allow products to be groups according to different tags and categories.
  • Integration with a wide variety of payments gateway. Google Checkout, Paypal, Authorize.net are all recognized by this plugin.

Social networking features

  • Allow you to import your products into the facebook marketplace and Google base.


  • Through the use of Wordpress template tags this Wordpress shopping cart will allow you to modify the skin the way you want in order to suit your own personal taste.
  • Advanced CSS is also used in order to allow further customization of the cart.
  • Furthermore the plugin comes with some templates to allow you to choose from.


  • The plugin is secure through the use of SSL.


  • The plugin allow you to use coupon codes, related products merchandising and implement a newsletter on your Wordpress based site.
  • Also allows email marketing to be implemented on the site. All this should help you to drive sales of your products.


  • UPS and USPS integration are also available. Also provides a custom shipping table for your customers.


  • The plugin allows the export of customers order, customer information and product information to a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) file.

And all this is free. When you consider the list of features that this plugin has you can easily understand why it is considered by users as the best shopping cart plugin for Wordpress based site.

Download it here

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