Website marketing tools that every webmaster should use

Most of us focus on getting traffic to our website but simply forget about the essential: our landing pages. We are glad to see four five figures for page views and do not pay any particular attention to whether we are converting the traffic or not. This is where analytical packages come in handy.

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Choosing the best website marketing tools will not only improve your earnings but also make your life much easier.

Most of us we are focused on the traffic we get on our website and our earnings. What about the bounce rate? What if our landing page is not to the standard? Interestingly some of the best tracking tools are free and we still fail to make the most of them.

Google analytics

This analytical tool from Google is jam-packed with features that will definitely help you to improve your website. Most of us make use of the basic features such as page views and traffic sources. But did you know about the segmentation features, the goals conversion metrics and the custom reports features of Analytics? Just like you I was only using a small part of Google analytics until I found out that this tool can be really useful.

For instance you can use the funnel view in order to find out how your customers move on your site and why they do not convert. This can be really interesting if you want to improve your site conversion and increase your return on investment.

Google Website Optimizer

This is another website marketing tool that is sometimes taken for granted. One great feature of this site is the ability to test changes to your site. Suppose you want to change the layout of your landing page and analyze the impact that will have on your conversion rate. This is where Google website Optimizer comes in handy.

With its ability to compare entire pages or only sections on a webpage you will have plenty of options in order to test pages. This can be quite handy when it comes to landing pages where you want to have the best possible conversion.

Many people are always on the look for great website marketing tools when the best is already available. You should go ahead and try those tools. This will definitely help to improve your business.

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