Upgrading Wordpress

So you have got your Wordpress based site up and running and know you face the question how to update Wordpress. There is nothing to worry about because the people at Wordpress have made a good job when it comes to upgrading their software with their Wordpress automatic upgrade.

Upgrading wordpress

Once a new version is available you will find a link in your dashboard asking you either to upgrade automatically or download the new version. You only have to choose the upgrade automatically link and you are done.

Wordpress Automatic Upgrade will download the updated version, install it and upgrade the database. You will not have anything else to do.

Wordpress might also suggest you to back up your database before upgrading. This is indeed good computing practice to create regular back-ups of your sensitive data. Although I have never had problem with the automatic update process there is nothing wrong for you in following the recommendations.

Supplementary note:

Sometimes when you update to a newer version of Wordpress it may happens that newer features cause problem in the Wordpress theme. In this case you should check with the author of the themes if there is a newer version that is compatible with the current version of Wordpress.

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