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If you are into internet marketing then you probably know that backlink is important for your website. One of the most interesting ways to have tons of links is by submitting articles to the various article directories and also from the Web 2.0 sites.

However it is important that all your articles are unique in order to not be slapped by the Google Duplicate Content penalty. Either you write unique articles for each of the site you submit to or spin them so that you have a degree of uniqueness in each one of them.

article spinning software
A good article spinning software can help you create some unique articles that will beat any duplicate filter.

Given that writing unique articles may be quite tedious and costly it is better to spin the articles from a seed one. We are not here talking about automatic spinning where a software will be doing all the work but some kind of semi-automatic spinning where you will have some significant amount of work. Indeed you will have to prepare the seed article yourself to make sure that it is readable and in proper English.

In this post I will be reviewing some programs that I have used for spinning articles.


Ok you might be telling me that this is not a spinning utility but it does have its advantages. Usually what I do is write my articles in Microsoft Word because of the spell checker ability and then paste it in notepad. In this way I can add the variants of the sentences and individual words without worrying about Microsoft Word inserting special characters.

The downside is that you do not have any help when it comes to thesaurus and synonyms in notepad. Itís only you and your head which will be doing the job. Also it can be quite overwhelming to find your way with all the different variants if you made a mistake and miss syntax here and there.

Notepad is good for those that are doing only sentence spinning and very little word spinning because it will be time consuming otherwise.

Simply free article spinner

This is a free online tool that allows you to spin your articles. Basically you will need to input your original article on the site and then insert brackets around sentences or words that you need spin. Afterwards you will be presented with a box where you will need to input the alternate text for the phrases or words you have been selected.

When compared to notepad this is easier because of the layout. It is simpler to use and great on the eye. Also it is easy to change variables if ever you need to because all your variants will be found in individual boxes.

The disadvantage is that it does not provide you any hints for synonyms. This can make things a bit slower if you need to heavily spin an article but overall it is quite interesting because of its price. Itís free.

Visit the site here:† http://simply-free-article-spinner.com/

Easy article rewriter

This is another spinning utility that will help you spin your articles quite easily. However there is a difference. It will not create a seed article for you.† It only facilitates the rewriting of articles. You have to paste your existing article and the software will automatically parse the content for you. You will be presented with boxes below each sentence where you will insert the alternative version.

As the creator of the software put it "This tool basically removes the headache of having to read, digest and understand an existing article before having to rewrite it. It just breaks the task down into baby steps and walks you through the process"

This tool will not mass produce article for you but just help you to rewrite.

Visit the site here : http://www.easy-article-rewriter.com/

Jet Spinner

This is another great online spinning tool to pump out some unique articles. Basically you write your articles in the space provided and insert all the variants of the articles by using the {|} syntax. In order to help you there is an Ajax thesaurus that is included on the site. Once you have finished you will have the option of selecting the amount of articles you want and also choose your favorite output format. The program will also attempt to create a summary based on your article and this can indeed be a great thing for those desperate to save time.

If you like you can also use the Jetsubmitter option in order to spin and submit your articles to directories. This can be a great time saver for article marketers that want to save time. However this option is not free and you will have to upgrade.

The negative part is that you will have to add the syntax manually and this can give rise to error and you must not forget to close the bracket. Very tedious task indeed.

Visit the site here :† http://www.jetspinner.com/index.php

Article Apps

This is another online spinning tool that allows you to create some unique articles. The positive point about this tool is that it allows you to automatically spin articles with a library of not only words but also phrases. This can be a real time saver for those that have hundreds of article to spin. Articleapps.com will also allow you to spin resource box, author name and titles to help you spend your article creation process

Concerning the negative point is that there are still some weird sentences that are automatically generated and you will still need to proof read it to make sure that there is no English mistake in the text. But if used properly can help in accelerating the article spinning process.

Visit the site here:† http://www.articleapps.com/index.php

Power article rewriter

This one is my favorite to spin articles. However as with all good things you have to pay for it. This tool is not free.

Basically you just have to open a text file containing your original article and click on each word or select whole sentences and it will appear in an upper window. On the right side of the screen you will be able to select synonyms for the words or phrases.

The good thing is that you can add your own phrases and synonyms to the one inbuilt in the software. Moreover you can apply the changes to the all article if you wish to in order to save time. You can also batch rewrite the articles once you have finished.

The negative point is that you do not have a spell checker. This could have make things easier when reviewing the article. At the moment I paste the article back to Microsoft Word in order to use the spell check features as it is very easy to leave grammar mistakes when creating the seed articles.

Visit the site here : http://powerarticlerewriter.com/

To sum up I will say that all these spinning article are devised to help you spin your articles faster and much easier.† With power article rewriter I take around 1 hour to spin a 300 words article. However I write the article from scratch and should be less if you are just spinning an existing article.

Spinning utility is a must if you want to spin numerous articles in order to make submission to article directories. In this way you will be safe from the duplicate content filter.

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