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Are you looking for the perfect skin for Wordpress? Also known as themes or templates, Wordpress skins come in different shades and colors. Some may even add a whole bunch of features to your site and help you to customize your site without any knowledge of php or css.

skin for wordpress
A good skin for wordpress can certainly improve the popularity of your blog by making it easier to read.

In truth your choice of Wordpress theme will depend a lot on the type of blogs you have. For instance, if you are running a review type blog you can choose a magazine theme for your website. These types of theme has unique features to lure your readers in reading more posts , discovering your site and overall stay longer on your site. Indeed if you run this type of blogs this is what you should be aiming for in order to increase revenue.

If you are not blogging for profit then you should probably go with the simple Wordpress themes out there. Simple not in the sense that they lack features but rather minimalistic. Even here you will have a hard time choosing with themes coming out of almost every day. Some themes make use of advanced functionality such as AJAX and JQuery in order to bring life to your blogs.

Free skins for Wordpress are available at different places on the internet. Wordpress themes directory is a great place to start your theme research. You can also search the theme directory from within your Wordpress blogs and use a number of filters in order to find the ideal skin for your blog. There are also a couple of independent theme directories that exist on the web with some really good gems. Another place to visit is the freebies section of some great websites such as Smashing Magazine. There are some premium themes that are released free by these sites.

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