How to turn your Wordpress blog into a Photoblog?

The advantage of Wordpress lies in its customization abilities. You can make almost everything you want from it. What about a photoblog? Are you a designer, artist or any other person that need to display a portfolio on the web? With the appropriate Wordpress theme can you can turn your blog into a photoblog.

Three of the most interesting Wordpress photoblog themes are listed below:

Fotolog WP theme


This Wordpress theme is excellent for photographers that need to display high quality photos in a wide format. The theme is also optimized for faster navigation with a simple navigation system.

  • Built for WP 2.3+ onwards. WP 2.5+ compatible
  • Built in Gravatar support for comments
  • 1 column, showing 1 photo for each page
  • Maximum 800px width photo on main page (can be modified)
  • Previous photo and next photo link; on top and bottom of each page - for better/faster
Grace theme

Grace theme

This is a minimalistic photoblog theme designed to place your photo as a focal point. With some great contrast this Wordpress theme do possess all the properties to make a good photoblog.


  • A lightweight jQuery powered rotating banner of featured photos (you select which photos you want to appear here just by adding them to the Featured category)
  • A “widgetised” left hand column giving you the freedom to modify the text that appears on the home page.
  • A mini-gallery of your 6 most recently added photos.


This is another great Wordpress theme for photoblog. This theme is especially designed for  all visual workers and all those that need to maintain an online portfolio.

Features :

  • Automatically resize image for Thumbnail and preview
  • Jquery Integrated for Featured Photos and Previews
  • Theme Options for easy configure

There are also some Wordpress plugins that are available to help you add photo functionality to your existing site.

Flickr Photo Album

This  Wordpress gallery plugin will allow you to connect your blog to your Flickr album. A great way to showcase your extensive Flickr albums on your blog. Alternatively there is also a widget that is included to allow you to include your photos in the sidebar. Recommended.


We all use Facebook don’t we? This Wordpress photo gallery plugin will allow you to use all photos that are available on your facebook account and use them on the site. Definitely recommended if you use facebook as your primary photo sharing site.

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