How to announce your newly posted blog post to the world?

Announce a new blog post

You have spent a lot of time doing some research, writing and proof-read your post and you finally click the publish button. Until the search engine pick it no visitor will be aware of your blog post and no one will come to your site. Exception of course for those that have subscribed to your RSS feeds. But there are different ways to promote your article once you have published them.


Tweeter has now become a major promotion tool with its ability to connect like-minded individual. Thanks to tweet and re-tweets post can turn viral in no time and can bring an important surge of traffic. That is why it is important that you tweet any major post from your account and also gives visitors also the ability to tweet from your website. Do not overdo it though or else you risk feeling the wrath of your followers. Instead try to provide genuine tweets and also helpful comments. They will love it.


Via its status updates Facebook also is trying to compete against tweeter. This is why it might be important for you to create a fans page on Facebook and also update your status when there is a major announcement to be made. These are your fans and they should indeed run to your website.


It might also be a good idea for you to share your post on Friendfeed. And let your blog post go viral. FriendFeed is a community where people share information with other people with the same interest. Every time someone discovers a new topic he can share it with friends on FriendFeed. In truth this has great potential to turn something viral.

You will have noticed that I did not mention email notifications in this article. This is because I think that gradually it is losing its efficiency. I am not saying that you should not use email notifications but rather it is a basic functionality just as RSS feed. Emails and RSS feeds should be used on every blog.

What I am saying is that as social media marketing gain more and more prominence it might be important for you to make the best use of it. Tools like tweeter and facebook are the next-gen platform for marketing and it is important that you keep this is mind.

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