How do I advertise my website?

Advertise my website

Everyone want to know how to advertise their website, well this is how I do it. The first thing that you should do is to make sure that you have a proper plan in place. Advertising your website will not bring any result and it is only over time that you will see the result. This is the main reason that you should create a proper marketing plan and stick to it.

The first thing that you should consider is to get backlink to your site. In order for you to get a high rank in Google you will be required to have tons of links coming from different sites. You can do so by writing articles, bookmarking them to social bookmarking sites and getting links from profile page of Web 2.0 sites.

advertise my web site

Make it a point that you write some articles regularly and post it to the different article directories such as Ezinearticles or Goarticles. This will help you to have not only some backlinks but also some traffic. You might also consider bookmarking each of your post to site such as Digg in order to get some backlinks and traffic.

You might also consider the possibility of using PPC method such as Google Adwords. With these methods you will be basically paying in order to get visitors to your site. This type of method is much quicker than the one listed above when it comes to increasing your website traffic. However you should be careful with your budget as you can get in some financial trouble.

You should make sure that you have an appropriate return on investment when using such methods. In most cases you will be targeting the wrong people and getting a lot of window shoppers on your site. Remember that you will be paying for each visitor that comes on your site through your Adword campaign.

One of the biggest mistakes made by marketers is that they tend to follow their competitors. However you should compare an apple with an apple. Some webmasters can afford to splash a lot of money on adwords but others canít. In fact it will all depend on the value of your sales and your marginal profit. Before getting involved into an ad campaign it is important that you get your figures right. Make sure that you have the financial muscles before getting involved in such campaigns. Indeed before I advertise my website I spend some great

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