Guest blogging, link exchange and content exchange

We welcome quality link exchanges and quality content exchanges when they are win-win situations.

There is a popular belief that reciprocal linking might be detrimental to SEO. We think that nothing could be further from the truth.

Indeed, poor quality link exchange can be detrimental, but quality link exchanges and quality content exchange can be extremely beneficial for both partners. More information is available on this article: Link exchange myths.

We manage several sites and unfortunately, we receive many win-loose proposals that we systematically decline. We are very strict on the criteria listed below. Please do not waste your time with proposals that are deemed to be declined.

My own personal experience is that a handful of quality content exchanges can easily replace hundreds of poor quality links and they are worth the time spent.

If you analyze carefully our site, you will see that we pursue win win situations and we treat our partners fairly.

Link exchanges

We welcome quality link exchanges when the following criteria are met:

  • your link page is in google cache
  • your link page has 30 links maximum
  • your back link is on the same domain (no triangular/3way links)
  • your site is 'family friendly'

In return, we will provide you a link that meets these criteria.

If you want to pursue a link exchange with us, please fill the form below:

We have a similar form for our other sites (Google "LIRAddNew.asp" to find which).

Content exchange

We welcome content exchanges and/or guest blogging under the following conditions:

You write an article for our site that we will publish and place with in our regular navigation. Your article must be well writen and it should be interesting for our readers. You may include up to 3 links in your article.

In return, you must let us publish an article on your site and put normal navigation to it.


We very rarely do content exchange if your site has not at least a page rank of 1. We make a few exceptions based on future page rank and/or SEOMOZ domain authority index. Please ask.

In order to have a win-win situation, we request that our article is published on the SAME domain as the one you linked to in the article published on our site. We will not accept a sub-domain nor a triangular/3way link.

For example, if you link to in your article, you must publish our article in the domain (and not, or

If you have choosen to have 3 links to 3 different domains, you must let us publish 3 articles in each of these domains too. We will try to offer the same by also linking to several of our sites and let you publish in multiple places too.

If you want to discuss a content exchange, please email us.

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