Four tested ways to increase traffic to your blog

increase website traffic
The dream of all bloggers is to increase traffic to their blog without ruining themselves

I have always been impressed by the number of traffic that certain blogs get. A quick look at the number of comments will give you an idea of the number of visitors that these blogs received. How did they achieve to reach this amount of visitors? In fact there is not a single answer to this question and there are various factors that can help to increase traffic to your blog. Continue to read to find out four ways to increase traffic to your blog.

Organic Traffic

This refers to natural traffic that you receive from the search engines such as Google and Yahoo. In order to increase this kind of traffic you will need to have some proper SEO techniques in place. For instance having a sitemap and numerous inwards links can help to increase the traffic for your search engines. Regular updating of your blogs can also help to attract the search engines bots more often to your site. In a previous post I have listed two SEO tools that can help to increase organic traffic.

Social Bookmarking Site

One of the easiest ways to get readers is to submit your sites to social bookmarking site. Sites such as Digg, Technorati and are great ways for you to increase traffic to your blogs. It is important that you provide your readers with the opportunity to bookmark your articles if they like it. Furthermore sites like Digg allow readers to vote for their favorite articles. Articles that get the most votes are featured on high-traffic page thus ensuring numerous visitors to your site. There are various Wordpress plugins that offer the possibility to implement social bookmarking tags quickly into your blogs.

Viral marketing

Viral marketing is also known as word of mouse marketing. Once a reader has visited your site and like a particular article he can pass it on to friends or relatives. It is important that your blog offer options such as “email to friends” or “share on facebook”. This will help to attract new traffic to your site.

Alternatively you can also design resources that are specially suited for viral marketing. For instance you can design videos, slides or photos that can be shared via the Internet to help attract more visitors to your site.

Become an authority on the subject

One aspect that many bloggers often overlook is the aspect of authority. This is akin to the concept of branding in real world. Once you establish yourself as an authority on a subject people will come running to your blog. Think about Problogger or Techcrunch and how they are perceived in the blogging world.

In order to become an authority on a subject you will have to become knowledgeable in what you are talking about. If you are blogging about SEO you should become proficient in the topic. Learn, experiment new things and report your findings. It is only in this way that you will become an authority on a subject. You can also try to provide free tools to your users such as webmaster tools or free whitepapers to your readers.

If correctly implemented these four tips should help you get your blog established in a short time and help to bring traffic to your site.

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