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How to Tell if a Marketing Campaign Has Been Effective

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When any business launches a marketing campaign, it has to measure its effectiveness otherwise it would not know if it was successful or not. You need to know what is working and what is not working. It is the only way you can grow your customer base, the size of the company and revenue.

Use Channels that you Can Track
In the modern world, you are spoilt on the choice of the marketing channels that you can use. Although you should not use a single channel, it’s of great importance to have channels that you can monitor. These include; e-mail, direct marketing and social media among others.

Use Google Analytics
Most of the marketing campaigns are being conducted online. This is on different social media platforms and on websites. The best way to monitor a campaign online is by use of Google analytics. It is effective and will give you the data that you need most.
Due to the fact that it has a feature for real-time reporting, it’s a great tool for an organization to interpret data.

Sales from Phone Calls
When using phone calls or messages as a way of marketing, you can monitor how many sales have come from this. By checking on the call logs, you can tell how effective a campaign has been.

Sales and Leads from Chats
Most companies have chat platforms where customers can communicate instantly with a staff. This can also be a way of marketing and the good thing is that it can be measured. From the chat, you can tell which campaign has driven the most leads or sales to your business.

What to do Before Monitoring a Marketing Campaign

The secret to measuring the success of your marketing campaign is knowing what you are going to do beforehand. When planning the campaign, work on the best way to measure it at that particular time. Planning ahead helps you in carrying out the plan effectively.

As a business owner, you may have witnessed that not every marketing campaign is effective as you would have wanted. While the main goal would be to increase revenue, this is not always the case.

It may be a challenge to know what works best for your company if you are unable to measure your marketing campaign success. Since there are various ways to do so, you should take advantage of them.