5 ways to generate link back to your site

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This process is also known as link baiting. This is not a “scientific” method to gain links but doing this can in theory increase your chance of having links back to your site.

1. Unique tools or services

If you can provide a free tool or service for people then you are really in for some link. For example a backlink checker tool can work well for a Search Engine Optimization blog while a water quality tester can be a good link bait for an aquarium website. A free template or a plugin can be equally as good.  If you lack the technical skills to do such thing you can always outsource the job to a specialist.

2. Controversy or Uniqueness

If you can spark some controversy or uniqueness in your post then you are in for some interesting traffic and link to your site. Bloggers love to analyze controversial post and this will increase the chance of you getting some links.

3.  Research

If you are good at doing research or analyzing statistics this can be a great idea to get some links to your site. For instance some bloggers have been gaining attention recently by analyzing the impact of Bing on other search engines. This is indeed a hot topic and will encourage a lot of backlink.

4.  Contest

If you have the means why not held a contest or an event in your niche. I am sure that webmasters will be happy linking back to the contest they are participating in.

5.  Humor or unique style

If you have a unique writing style or can come up with some good jokes then this can be really useful. Bloggers love to give credits for something that they will publish on their sites and will automatically link back to your site. This also works if you can come up with some unique graphics or cartoons to illustrate your blog. People will love it

In summary we could say that linkbaiting only work when you have some unique and useful content to share with the Internet audience. Whenever you are creating content or tools for linkbaiting always keep in mind that people will link back to you only if they are satisfied with what you offer them.

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